A few weeks back, NFL free-agent receiver Demaryius Thomas 31, was involved in a ghastly accident in Denver, Colorado. He’s now being charged with vehicular assault and driving without insurance according to The Denver Post. Although he escaped serious injury, he was arrested and booked into jail yesterday.

The accident was said to have happened in the wee hours of the morning when he lost command of his vehicle which summersaulted severally. He and a second passenger escaped with non-life threatening injuries but same could not be said of a third passenger who was rushed to the hospital with more grievous injuries.

The accident happened not so long after he was released by the Houston Texans. He had previously had a season ending injury on his Achilles tendon a few games after being traded from Denver to Houston. The wide receiver who has spent 10 years in the NFL, a former first round pick from Georgia Tech has had 688 passes for 9330 yards and 62 touchdowns in the span of his career.


The New York jets is certainly open to setting up shop well before the NFL Draft officially opens. The organization currently commands the No. 3 overall pick and is open to offers to move down the ladder, and do business with any other team including city rivals New York Giants, who are the owners of the No.6 overall pick.

The Jets are sitting pretty in a position that offers an opportunity to acquire more picks if they decide to move down. The prior selection of quarterback Sam Darnold last year at the No.3 spot affords the Jets the breather to climb down in order to strengthen in other areas of the team after they moved up in the 2018 draft to get the QB.

The trade with the Indianapolis Colts set the Jets back No.6 overall pick, two second-round picks and a 2019 second round pick. Irrespective what happens with its No.3 pick, the Jets is more likely to build the team around Darnold with players from free agency and the draft and a high draft pick certainly gives the necessary firepower in the quest for additional picks gotten from a move down from the No. 3 spot. We wait with excitement for the draft to officially begin.


Also known as the “icon” jersey, it’s a full-on black uniform with white inscriptions of the player’s name and number and is his first major move since his settlement with the NFL. Although no longer lining up for a professional football team, this jersey signifies Kaepernick isn’t going to leave the limelight just yet.

It’s the first major deal we’ve seen him do since the NFL settlement which also included former teammate and activist Eric Reid. The jersey Nike has said is a small part of an elaborate campaign with Kaepernick, as the face of the company’s 30th Anniversary “Just Do It” campaign. Nike has said it’s a “star” deal, on the same level with deals with major athletes in the NFL, and will also include other accessories.

The former NFL athlete and activist had sold a jersey on his website with the inscription “#IMWITHKAP” which looked a bit similar to the one now sold out by Nike. The proceeds from the jersey previously sold by Kaepernick was to go to Know Your Rights Camp but we don’t think there’s any such provision sold by the sports clothing giant.