The prostitution charge against New England Patriots boss Robert Kraft is likely to be a tall order for prosecution partially because the ladies he was seen on video with are the 45 year old spa manager and 58 year old licensed masseuse, says legal experts.

Kraft was arrested and charged with two counts of misdemeanor for soliciting prostitution after paying two visits to the Jupiter “rub and tug” massage parlor of Orchids of Asia Day Spa. The police has said the establishment has connections with an international human-trafficking and prostitution ring, and some of the ladies at the Spa and other web of Florida properties were sex slaves from China.

It’s being said that Kraft was caught with his pants down with the two women who are not victims of human trafficking – Lei Wang 45, and spa employee Shen Mingbi, both of them certified masseuses and Florida residents.

Kraft allegedly paid a visit to the spa on the 19th of January – a day after police, who had been monitoring the establishment for six months – had setup surveillance equipment inside the spa located some 17 miles from the 77 year old’s residence.

According to the sworn statement, Kraft paid cash at the reception desk before proceeding to another room where he removed his clothes. He was also followed by the two women who massaged him lying face down before flipping him over and performing a sex act by hand.

Wang was identified as the manager of the massage parlor and she’s been arrested and charged for keeping an establishment of ill repute and accruing income from prostitution. Mingbi has not been arrested or charged and is said to be cooperating fully with the police. Kraft was said to have left the establishment in a white Bentley, owned by a friend of his who drove him there and stayed outside.

He was thereafter stopped by a Jupiter police officer who pulled the Bentley over and asked Kraft for his identification. Legal experts have debated that this stop could be illegal because it appeared to have been carried out on the guise of being a traffic violation but the affidavit states it was done to properly identify the suspect who wasn’t in control of the car.

His second visit was the next day on the morning of the AFC Championship Game, and he was allegedly caught on camera with Wang who massaged him face down before moving her face close to his genitals. After the act, he proceeded to give her a $100 bill and two unidentified bills. Legal experts have said the case against him was flawed despite the video evidence and the Billionaire owner through his spokesman has refuted ever soliciting prostitutes. Eric Snyder a high profile trial lawyer and former Manhattan DA prosecutor has there were fundamental issues wrong with the case.

Snyder – who is not the legal representation for Kraft, has said, “A number of things jump out for me after reading the affidavit. When the police allege vulnerable women are effectively being held as sex slaves, I would ask why the police did not move faster to get these women out of danger?

Instead the police took several months doing the surveillance and, despite having numerous confessions from customers who were stopped in traffic leaving, plus evidence from inspectors inside the spa, they went to court to obtain the warrant for the video wiretap.”

The Florida Police Authority say they are pursuing similar cases for more than 100 men who allegedly gave women money in return for sexual favours